Mouth Opening Medicine for OSMF – Refill for 2 Months

Mouth Opening Medicine for OSMF – Refill for 2 Months

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Refill your mouth opening medicine cost for Two month here and pick them up today! …

  • – 60 OSMF Pops™
  • – 2 OSMF Oral Gel™. (50 gm x2)
  • – 60 OSMF Vita™.

Award Winner, Natural and Proprietary treatment of Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis Mouth Opening at Home Therapy.

  • For Restricted Mouth Opening, Stiff jaws due to OSMF.
  • For Best Result Recommended use Morning and Night in day.

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OSMF Mouth Opening Kit treatment @ home™ is a pioneering and path-breaking Do-it-yourself combo of mouth opening medicine tablets and mouth opening exercise device, Invented by Dr Bharat Agravat. He is Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon setting new benchmarks of excellence with 18 distinguished awards, 20 years experienced. Researched and prominent and world renowned Indian Ayurveda Herbalist Dr Harsha Agravat.

मुँह कम खुलना का इलाज, गुटखा खाने से मुंह नहीं खुलता उपाय, घर पेमुह खोलने की दवाई कीट हिन्दी रिव्यु.

Dubai Customer Reviews | Feedback and Recommendation for Award winner OSMF Mouth Opening Kit at home.

USA International Clients highly recommend Best Product Honest Video Review Mouth Opening Treatment

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Innovation-driven oral care company, Created by Dentists and Healthcare Professionals. … Welcome to Smile in Hour®, the India’s first Dental start-up to get listed in Startup India DPIIT.

Marketed and Managed by Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd

1 review for Mouth Opening Medicine for OSMF – Refill for 2 Months

  1. Asif

    Hello 👋
    I finished 2 months course of OSMF Mouth Opening Kit at home 🏡..
    My experience with innovative 💡 patented products OSMF Lollipop 🍭 and UNIQUE Mouth opening exercise device is awesome 👌.
    Results is now i eat spicy food and mouth opening increase.

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